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Optimally planted - optimally exploited

Xactplan is a modern CAD software

for the structural design of buildings. Its great strength lies in the absolutely precise creation of objects (e.g. walls and concrete surfaces) and their automatic interaction with adjacent objects.

Simple drawing

Normally, there is a trade-off between simplification and accuracy in planning in order to keep the planning effort within reasonable limits. With Xactplan you can do both: simple and accurate planning.

For example, a concrete screed surface can be drawn over the entire floor, as it is automatically displaced by the walls standing on the concrete surface in the corresponding areas. The edge joint of the screed to the walls is automatically taken into account and created.

Competitive advantage

Exact mass determination + optimised offer = competitive advantage!

As a result the planner receives the absolute and exact gross and net masses. Since Xactplan not only knows the area and volume of each building structure, but also resolves them in even finer detail, e.g. into masonry elements or ceiling tiles, you get an overview of the exact requirements including parts lists and the associated costs.

The aim is to create the building in Xactplan quickly and easily, exactly as it is actually built. This makes it possible to determine the exact material requirements and costs and thus not to take any risks when preparing the offer.

High degree of automation

Since all the components of a building are created in Xactplan as such, the decisive parameters (lengths, volumes, areas, etc.) are immediately available and do not have to be determined manually. This high degree of automation saves time during planning, provides accurate data on quotations, execution and invoicing and avoids errors.

It is no longer a question of drawing lines from which construction drawings are later created and measurements can be taken for mass determination, but rather of the complete representation of the real structures to be produced and the immediate availability of the masses.


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